Pros and Cons

floors, flooringHardness. That’s the primary advantage that stone and ceramic tile has over wood and other flooring materials. They are all quite beautiful as well, but it is the hardness, the solidity, of stone and ceramic tile that makes it popular for homeowners who have a larger budget. In addition, stone and any ceramic tile with a deep top color will not show wear.

The primary disadvantage of stone and ceramic tile, other than the higher cost, is the extra time it takes to install. It’s not particularly difficult work, just time consuming. In addition, tiles can be heavy and make installation upstairs more laborious than other flooring products. 

Trade Secret

Glazed ceramic tiles have the color applied to the surface before they are fired at high heat to bake the color on; the color is on the surface only. Unglazed tiles have the color mixed into the clay before firing; the color is the same throughout the tile.

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