floors, flooringAgain, the skills of installing stone and ceramic tile aren’t that demanding. It’s the planning and the working with heavy flooring that takes the do-it-yourselfer’s time. If you have the time and the budget, you can join the many thousands of homeowners who have installed tile floors in their homes.

Tiles need to be cut to fit around edges and where unique patterns are installed. Fortunately, power tile cutters are available for rent or borrow from flooring stores and larger building material centers. Because of the hardness of stone and ceramic tile, masonry blades are used to cut the tile and water is used to keep the blade cooler and to act as a lubricant during cutting. In addition, you’ll need adhesive trowels and grout trowels, available for purchase or rent. 

Smart Flooring

More than any other flooring surface, stone and ceramic tile requires preparation to the subfloor before installation. One popular product is backer board made of a cement-like product wrapped in kraft paper.

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