floors, flooringCan you install your own hardwood flooring? Certainly. Most do-it-yourselfers who have worked with wood can easily tackle the installation of tongue-and-groove solid hardwood flooring. Allow extra time if you are less familiar with wood and remember to “plan twice, install once.” Installing Solid Wood Flooring offers complete step-by-step instructions for installing popular types of hardwood floors including strip (under 3-inches wide), plank (over 3-inches wide), and parquet (small block) materials. It covers both unfinished and prefinished hardwood flooring. 

Though you only need a hammer and a handsaw to install and trim a hardwood floor, the work will go much faster and easier with some specialized hardwood floor installation tools. You’ll need a flooring nailer, maybe a large sander, and a miter saw, all available from rental centers. A hardwood flooring nail gun inserts fasteners through the tongue and into the board at a 45-degree angle. The sander is needed only if you are installing unfinished hardwood. The miter saw is for installing trim and for any angle cuts you need for special designs. A stapler will be handy for installing underlayment. You’ll see these tools at work in Solid Wood Flooring.

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