Best Uses

floors, flooringAny floor can be a hardwood floor. However, to keep costs down many homeowners opt to install hardwood flooring in the main living room and/or dining room where the floor’s natural beauty can best be enjoyed. If you’re planning on covering it with rugs anyway, consider lower-cost wood flooring or even other types of flooring materials. Wood’s primary feature is its natural beauty. 

It’s best to not use hardwood flooring where water may sit on it (and seep into it). That’s why hardwood floors are not as popular for kitchens and bathrooms. Hardwood flooring that becomes wet will expand and possibly lift from the subfloor. A small amount of water can quickly be cleaned up, but an overrun dishwasher or sink that leaves water overnight can ruin a hardwood floor.

Trade Secret

Prefinished solid wood flooring has virtually taken the market over from unfinished wood, especially for do-it-yourselfers. Not only are the boards planed and sanded to an even consistency, most have multiple coats of polyurethane each treated with ultraviolet light. The surface is more resistant to wear, fading, and damage than in-house treated hardwood flooring. It completes the messy and potentially caustic steps of sanding and sealing the wood in the factory.

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