Planning Installation

floors, flooringHow much time should you allow for installation of your flooring? Professional installers can put three rooms of carpet in (about 1,000 square feet) in a single day with an installer and a helper. Laminate wood flooring can be installed by pros about as quickly. Unfinished hardwood flooring goes slower with pros figuring about 300 square feet a day including sanding and finishing. Finished hardwood installers can install about 500 square feet a day. Ceramic and other hard tile, too, is installed by pros at about 500 square feet a day. Do-it-yourselfers should double these times. Figure about 500 square feet a day for sheet flooring and 250 square feet a day for piece flooring (tiles, blocks). Add to this any time needed to prepare the room, typically about half as much time as installation. So prepping and installing a 1,000 square-foot laminate wood floor should take about three days (one to prep and two to install). Remember, these are guidelines that depend on prior experience with the selected flooring materials, the difficulty of preparing for new flooring, the size and shape of rooms, and how much trim and finish is required. In addition, glueless interlocking flooring is installed much faster than materials that require adhesive. 

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