Gathering Tools

floors, flooringWhat tools will you need to install laminate wood flooring? In the case of interlocking products, almost none. You may need a block and hammer to gently tighten boards, and a pencil and saw to mark and cut boards around the edge. If the edges are glued you may need a glue gun or other applicator.

If the bottom or base must be glued to the floor you’ll need the adhesive and a spreader. The manufacturer will include installation instructions and tools in each package of laminate flooring. If you’d prefer to see installation before buying, ask a clerk if you can have a copy of the instructions as some manufacturers supply them as handouts.

Pro Tip

A flooring manufacturer’s installation kit may include tools as well as an instruction video.

What Can Go Wrong

Cheap laminate flooring products are a poor investment. Not only are the warranties shorter (typically 10 years or less), but they may not last that long. The top or wear surface is thin and will easily chip or mar. The cores may be of less-dense particleboard subject to expansion from any amount of moisture. In addition, the interlocking edges may easily break during installation. If in doubt, ask for a sample or even buy a box and test it to make sure it will stand up in your application. It may not be such a bargain.

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