Repairing Wood Subflooring

floors, flooringWood subflooring, wood strips or plywood, may also require repairs to support the new flooring. At the same time, the floor framing and under-house supports can be checked and repaired as needed. 

Wood strips or slats were installed diagonally across floor joists in older homes. Newer homes use plywood products as subflooring. In either case, it is relatively easy to find and replace damaged subflooring. Make sure that any patches installed begin and end at the middle of a floor joist for support.

If your wood subfloor has squeaks, you can drive ring-shank nails through the subfloor and into joists to tighten them. Alternately, you may need to insert wooden wedges in between the joists and subfloor from below the house. Once the wedges are in place, secure them with nails from above the subfloor.

Depending on the type of flooring materials you’re installing, you may need to fill in any gaps between plywood subfloor panels or soft spots in the plywood. Fill with wood putty, let dry, and sand smooth.

Trade Secret

If you will be nailing flooring materials to a wooden subfloor, mark floor joist locations low on walls or baseboards so you can make sure at least some of the fasteners hit them. You can tell where the joists are by looking for nail lines in the subfloor.

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