Repairing Concrete Subflooring

floors, flooringIn many parts of the United States and Canada, concrete is the subfloor of choice for new construction. Even in other regions, nearly all basement floors are of concrete. So, like it or not, you may be attempting to install a new floor over a concrete subfloor. How? 

First, know that you have options. How many options depends on the condition of the concrete as well as whether moisture is an issue in your home. All concrete floors seem to draw moisture, passing it on to whatever is in contact, such as your new floor. So, at the least, you will need to install a vapor barrier below new flooring. Then comes the adhesive or wood depending on whether you’re gluing or nailing the new flooring down.

There are numerous concrete repair products available through local building material suppliers. The best choice depends on the severity of the damage (crack, hole, slippage) and its size. In extreme cases, it may be best to remove a large section of concrete slab and replace it with a new one rather than make numerous patches. The goal is to provide a sufficiently smooth and level base for the new flooring material.

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