Repairing Stair Subflooring

floors, flooringThe stairs’ base is similar to your house’s subfloor, and may even be of the same materials. However, stairs over a concrete floor usually are of wood, except in some basements. Repairing a stairway’s base typically doesn’t require waterproofing or leveling, though you may need to replace a damaged tread or riser. In addition, make sure the support under the treads is sufficient for the chosen flooring material. If needed, install support blocks or angle brackets under the stairs at the joint between the riser and tread. Use ring-shank nails and wedges and described earlier in this section to eliminate squeaks in stairs.

Trade Secret

Call your local recycle or waste management center for information on recycling old flooring materials. Some will require that all nails be removed from wood materials while others will accept carpeting but not padding. Few will recycle vinyl or linoleum products so they will become landfill. In addition, if older flooring contains asbestos, many landfills won’t accept it. It will need to go to a special hazardous waste dump. Call first so you know what to do when it’s time to get rid of the old flooring.

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