Removing Stair Flooring

floors, flooringBecause you are working in relatively close quarters, be careful when removing old flooring from stairs. Adjacent walls and rails can easily be damaged, adding another job to your To-Do List. If you plan to reuse any molding, carefully remove it and mark its location on the back side, such as RT6 for the right side of the sixth tread from the bottom of the stairs. 

Many stair systems have a molding at the front edge of the tread, called a nose. It may be a metal piece or an elaborate wood component. Most are installed with flooring or finish nails that can be removed by prying up from below or at the edge of the nose. Once the nose is removed it is easier to remove the tread, then the riser below it.

Pro Tip

Planning a stair flooring installation on paper first can save you time and reduce waste.

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