Preparing Stairs

Stairs are a series of steps that serve as a path from one level of a building to another. The horizontal part you step on is called the tread. The vertical board under each tread is the riser. Stairs, like other flooring in your home, may require replacement. That job is similar to installing flooring (as shown in coming sections), but not the same. For example, installing hardwood flooring materials on stairs requires more time for planning, cutting, and fastening materials. Trim, too, takes more time for installation on stairs. The easiest flooring installation on stairs is carpet because a single piece of carpet material is cut to fit the entire length of the stairs. Alternately, some carpet installers cut a single piece of carpet for each tread/riser. As with horizontal flooring, how much preparation needed depends on the type of flooring to be installed and the condition of the stairs’ subfloor. The process is similar to preparing horizontal flooring, so let’s discuss the differences.

1 Removing Stair Flooring
2 Repairing Stair Subflooring
3 Installing Stair Underlayment
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