Removing Furniture

floors, flooringHow much furniture needs to be moved for installation depends on the flooring material selected. For example, installing a floating laminate wood floor over a solid and smooth surface can be done by moving furniture to one side of the room. Once half the room is done, the furniture is moved on to the new flooring while the second half of the room’s flooring is installed. It’s that easy. 

However, installing most flooring materials requires that all furniture be removed from the room and beyond a break point. The break point for carpet , for example, must be beyond where the carpet will be stretched. The break point for tile flooring can be outside of any area selected as the work area. It’s typically easier to move all furniture out of the rooms that will receive the new flooring. If that isn’t easily done, move it to the area where the flooring will be installed last.
Wall hangings may not require moving, depending on the type of flooring installed. Roll flooring such as carpet and sheet vinyl requires maneuverability to bring in and place in a room. Wall hangings may be struck or damaged. In any case, make sure valuable hangings that could fall are removed and safely stored.

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