Analyzing a Room

floors, flooringThis website’s mantra (“plan twice, install once”) is especially important when preparing for new flooring. Sketch out each room with exact dimension, indicating the floor materials needed and the steps required to do the job. If measurements show that one or more walls are uneven, you may need to work around this problem, depending on what type of flooring you’re installing. Carpet is more forgiving of an uneven room than is hardwood. The amount of preparation needed depends on how much the selected flooring material telegraphs or transmits imperfections in the subflooring or current flooring. 

Also plan thresholds (transitions between rooms of different flooring materials) and perimeter trim.

Trade Secret

Save yourself some work by covering all furnishings that will be in areas where dust, sawdust, and other messy things can land on them. Alternately, use plastic sheets to seal rooms from dust and debris. You can purchase a box of painter’s plastic, a continuous roll that’s easy to cut to size.

Pro Tip

Use a carpet remnant, fabric down, to move larger furniture across smooth surfaces more easily.

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