Repairing Laminate Floors

floors, flooringHow can you repair laminate flooring? That depends. If the top surface is real wood and it is damaged you typically can sand it down as you would a solid hardwood floor and refinish it . It’s a tough job, but it can be done. If the top surface is melamine, replace the board . For unglued interlocking flooring that means starting at the finish wall and removing boards until you reached the one you want to replace, then reinstall the others.

To replace a damaged parquet, first determine if the damaged piece is  an entire tile or just one parquet. Use a chisel and hammer to carefully remove the tile or parquet. Remove the old adhesive. Then replace it with a similar piece. If the tile is tongue-and-grooved, cut the tongue off so it fits the hole before reinstalling. If no adhesive is used, nail the tile or parquet in place.

Smart Flooring

If your laminate floor is damaged by a water leak or other catastrophe, remember that it’s your homeowner’s policy that will pay for replacement, not the flooring manufacturer. Policies will cover replacement at current replacement cost or pay a pro-rated value, depending on policy terms. Some insurance companies will require that a contractor repair or install the new floor while others will write you a check and let you call a contractor or install it yourself.

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