Cleaning Laminate Floors

floors, flooringOne of the many advantages of laminate wood flooring is how easy it is to keep clean. Routine care typically means vacuuming it or using a dust mop. Once a month use one of the laminate wood floor cleaners on it, typically squirted on and then mopped. You can remove tough spots on melamine-coated laminate flooring with nail polish remover containing acetone, then wiping with a damp cloth. 

To minimize wear, make sure you have a mat or rug at doorways to reduce the chances of tracking in gritty dirt or sand that can cut up your laminate flooring. Also, as previously mentioned, make sure you remove any standing water as soon as possible.

One more tip: Don’t use soap, detergent, mop and shine, abrasives, wax, or polish on your laminate flooring. They can dull or even damage the surface.

Parquet flooring can be more of a hassle to maintain, depending on how porous it is. Some are made to look like wood, but are actually a melamine laminate similar to laminate flooring. Others are open grain wood, at least on the surface, that must be cleaned and maintained using methods similar to solid hardwood flooring (Installing Solid Wood Flooring).

Pro Tip

Surface moisture is not a problem for most laminate floors, but make sure moisture doesn’t contact the edges or under side of the material.

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