floors, flooringJust about anyone can install a laminate wood floor. In fact, the interlocking types first became popular in Scandinavia where the flooring belonged to the tenant. It was disassembled at one apartment and moved with other belongings to the next. Even the laminate wood floors that require adhesive are relatively easy to install as you will see in Laminate Wood Flooring.

Only basic tools are require to install most laminate wood flooring materials. In fact, some systems only require a saw to cut off and end when you meet a side wall. If your flooring system requires adhesive you’ll need a trowel or other tool to spread it with. Again, you’ll find out more specifics in Laminate Wood Flooring

What Can Go Wrong

Make sure you know which base adhesive or edge glue the manufacturer recommends for installation. Using the wrong type during installation can damage one or more of the layers, warping the board. Also, some glues will be more difficult to remove from the edges. In fact, if you don’t use the manufacturer’s recommended adhesive type you may void the product’s warranty.

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