floors, flooringPrefinished flooring material is racked and installed similar to unfinished material. However, it is more critical to not install any flawed wood because it won’t be covered by subsequent sanding and finishing. Also, make sure that your shoes won’t damage the floor surface. As needed, use the cardboard cartons in which the material came as protection. Place the carton’s outside surface up as it may be slippery against the prefinished wood and cause it to slide. 

Pro Tip

Make sure your crosscut saw is set up near the installation area, but not too close so dust will hamper installation.

Trade Secret

A miter saw with a dust collection bag is an excellent tool for trimming boards for installation A compound powered miter saw that can cut two angles at once (horizontal and vertical) is not necessary for installing solid wood flooring, but can be used. They may come in handy later when installing trim.

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