Installation Process

floors, flooringBecause finished flooring doesn’t get a final sanding and finish in the home make sure the materials are consistent in thickness and finish quality. Many prefinished flooring products include a small bevel, called a microgroove or microbevel, at the edges so the transition between boards is smoother. 

The finish added at the factory typically is much better than even flooring pros can install in the home. That’s because the factory is a controlled environment with the equipment to plane, sand, apply, and bake the finish.

What Can Go Wrong

Prefinished hardwood flooring is ready to use right after installation. However, that means you must be very careful during installation to not mar the finish. Carefully lay tools down or, better, use a small cardboard scrap as a barrier where you can lay the nailer, hammer, and other tools when not in your hands.

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