floors, flooringPrefinished hardwood flooring materials are fastened in the same manner as unfinished materials. Even the tools are the same: hardwood floor nailer/stapler and hammer. However, because the finish is already applied, the installer must take extra care to not damage the finish. Setting the nailer down hard can easily dent or scratch the prefinished surface. 

Smart Flooring

A hardwood flooring installation kit can be a good investment toward making the job go easier. Most kits include spacers to keep the edges from the walls, a tapping block with grooves to match the leading edge’s tongue, and a pull bar to tighten joints. Alternately, you can use scrap boards and a short pry bar.

Trade Secret

Installing hardwood flooring in a closet can be a space challenge. First, remove the closet door. Select boards that are at least as wide as the closet to minimize cutting and fitting. Surface nail the last three rows, countersinking the nails, and filling the holes with putty.

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