Laying Out Parquet

floors, flooringMost parquet flooring is installed using an adhesive. The adhesive is laid and spread with a notched trowel held at about a 45 degree angle to the floor to ensure that excess adhesive is removed. The tile manufacturer will recommend what type of adhesive in their installation instructions. Alternately, the store from whom you purchased the flooring can make a recommendation and offer additional instructions or suggestions. 

Alternately, you may have purchased a self-adhesive parquet tile that only requires that you remove the protective backing and place the tile.

Make sure that the back side of any tile you’re installing is free of debris and oil that can reduce adhesion. If installing tongue-and-groove parquet tiles, inspect the edges for damage before installation. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Starting from the center line, install first tile on one side of the perpendicular line and the second tile on the other side.

Step 2: Move outward from the center line until you’ve installed all of the full tiles you can on the line, making sure each one is touching the line.

Step 3: Install the second row adjacent to the first row and on the same half of the room. Then follow with subsequent rows in the form of a pyramid. Make sure that each tile is parallel to the center line even if you have to leave a small gap or sand the edge of a tile. Tap each tile in place with a rubber mallet as you work.

Step 4: Cut edge tiles as described under trimming laminate flooring, above.

Step 5: Rent a metal or water-filled floor roller to press the parquet tiles into the adhesive. Alternately, you can walk over the floor for an hour.

Smart Flooring

Not all flooring installers agree on whether installing in quadrants is necessary. The purpose of quadrant installation is to reduce the variances caused by out-of-square tile and imprecise installation. However, if you’re carefully installing parquet blocks and making sure that each is square and true before moving on you can start on a straight wall rather than in the middle of the room.

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