Installation Basics

floors, flooringParquet tiles typically are installed from the center of a room to the edges rather than from a wall to compensate for uneven walls. That’s because the smaller tiles magnify any inconsistencies in the squareness of the tiles so that those on the opposite side of the room seem to wander. (If your room is relatively close to square or rectangular you can opt to install tiles from a corner as are solid hardwood floors.) 

The first step in installing most parquet tile flooring materials is to make two intersecting working lines. Near one end of the room, measure the distance between the two longest walls and mark the center. Then repeat the process at the other end of the room. Finally, snap a chalk line between the two marks to divide the room in equal halves.

Next, divide the room into equal quarters by measuring between the other two walls in two locations and snapping a chalk line. (Note: Hallways and narrow rooms may only need one central chalk line.)

The installation of the first parquet tile is the most critical. Make sure your first tile is the squarest one in the package and that is placed squarely in one corner of a quadrant. All subsequent tiles will depend on the placement of the first tile.

Use the 3-4-5 method of confirming that your two working lines are 90 degrees to each other. From the convergence of the two lines, make a mark 3 ft. along one line and 4 ft. along the other. Then measure the direct distance between these two marks; it should be exactly 5 ft.. If not, the working lines aren’t perpendicular to each other. 

Pro Tip

Parquet wood flooring is typically so porous that it should never be installed in kitchens or bathrooms without a waterproof top sealing coat.

Trade Secret

Before installing parquet tiles, lay one row without adhesive from the center to the farthest wall. If the last tile requires cutting by more than half, move the second line back by half of the width of a tile to better balance the cuts along opposite walls.

Trade Secret

If you’re installing a parquet entryway that leads to a laminate wood main floor, install the parquet flooring last. However, make sure you mark its location so that the laminate floor is stopped and trimmed correctly. Also, make sure the thickness of the two flooring materials is the same or you will need to install a transition. You can build up the smaller parquet floor easier than building up the larger floor. Use a thin underlayment under the thinner floor to match their heights.

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