Installing Laminates

The primary methods of installing laminate flooring is to fasten them to the floor or to each other. You can fasten them to the floor with an adhesive, called a glued floor. Or you can fasten the boards together either with glue or by interlocking them, called a floating floor. Some laminate flooring boards use both glue and a tongue-and-groove interlock to fasten them. And some floors use both joint and base adhesion to make sure the flooring stays in place. Others use a staple fastener on the tongue to fasten the material to the subfloor. Which is best? It depends on how permanent you want the floor to be and what you’re installing it over.

1 Installation Basics
2 Installing Interlocking Flooring
3 Installing Glued Flooring
4 Trimming Laminate Flooring
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