Buy, Install, and Repair Floors

Floors are a vital component to the structure and the beauty of homes. However, because floors and flooring are constantly in use, they wear out. Some fade or are damaged before then. Still others simply no longer fit the home's style. It's time for a new floor.

Where should you start when considing a new floor for your home? Right here! This website offers practical information and resources to help you plan, choose, prepare for, and install popular residential flooring materials.

  • Planning Your Floor offers information and professional tips when considering flooring, setting a budget, and buying flooring.
  • Choosing Flooring tells you what you should know about the most popular types of flooring materials: solid wood, laminate wood, sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, stone and ceramic, and carpeting.
  • Preparing for Flooring does just that: guides you through analyzing rooms, removing old flooring, repairing the subfloor, installing underlayment, and preparing stairs.
  • Installing Solid Wood Flooring is your step-by-step guide for the installation of unfinished and prefinished solid wood flooring materials, including tool selection. You'll also find practical tips on maintaining solid wood flooring.
  • Installing Laminate Wood Flooring covers one of the most popular do-it-yourself flooring materials, manufactured laminate wood products. Installation of both board and parquet floors are included, plus professional maintenance tips.

Installation of other types of flooring are either quite easy with manufacturer instructions or too complex for the typical do-it-yourselfer, so are not covered in depth here. However, there are many proven tips to help you select them and prepare for installation.

In addition, this website offers hundreds of valuable resources to help you learn more about flooring, save money on purchase and installation, and find professional installers in your area. This free website is dedicated to helping you improve your home and your life with flooring that fits your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle.  

--Dan Ramsey, retired contractor

  President of the Fix-It Club


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