Floor Sizing

Flooring selection is also dependent on the size and shape of rooms. Long, narrow flooring materials (hardwood strips, for example) can accent the length of a room. Squares or other patterns can visually change the shape of a room, making it seem larger or smaller depending on the pattern. So the flooring material you select may be dependent somewhat on the size and shape of the room(s) in which it will be installed. 

Pro Tip

Make an accurate and detailed drawing on graph paper of all rooms to be floored, then photocopy the drawings to use as idea and planning sheets.

Trade Secret

If you plan to do much measuring, consider buying a laser measuring device. Really! They use an ultrasonic beam to measure the distance between walls and can accurately calculate room size in seconds. Most have a laser beam as well to show you what you’re measuring, but it’s the ultrasonic signal that does the actual measuring. Expensive? Not too bad. You can pick a good one up for $60 or less, especially if you watch for sales.

Smart Flooring

To make calculating room size easier, read length and width on the measuring tape in inches, multiply the two and divide by 144, the number of in. in 1 sq. ft.. This saves you from trying to calculate using fractional feet such as 12 ft. 3-1/2 in. It’s 147.5 in. -- much easier to punch in to your calculator or figure on paper.

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