Floor Functions

floors, flooringThe function of a floor is more than just to keep your feet from touching dirt. It also serves as a platform for living. On it are movable objects like furniture as well as moving objects like people. And people on the move means traffic. So an initial question to replacing your flooring is to determine existing and preferred traffic patterns and levels. 

For example, do most people who enter your home do so through the front door or through a garage or side door? Where do they go from there? Does your home have stairs and, if so, what’s on the second floor? Bedrooms? An office? Is there a basement with stairs and, if so, what’s down there? How often is the basement used? For what? Is there an outside entrance?

What we’re talking about here, obviously, is current traffic. What about the future? Are you simultaneously remodeling your home to change use or traffic? Will there be a new entrance(s) or new traffic patterns?

This is all very important because the amount and type of traffic (people and pets walking on the floor) dictates the type of flooring that will best serve your living needs. Fortunately, you can analyze existing traffic patterns by simply looking down. Your current floor offers a history of foot traffic in your home. It also shows you where spills may occur, water might leak (like around a dishwasher or sink), where people walk most frequently, and probably show you where furniture has been placed.

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