Evaluating Floors

floors, flooringYou’re probably visiting this website because you’re not happy with your existing flooring. One of my clients admitted that they purchased their current home in spite of the flooring. It was 12-year old white carpet in a country home. No amount of steam cleaning was ever going to get all the grime out. Besides, they had decided they weren’t white-carpet people. So, together, we began their quest for the flooring that best fit their lifestyle, needs, and budget. First, we evaluated the existing floors for function, use, size, and shape. 

Safety First

Older vinyl or linoleum flooring may contain asbestos, a material that’s hazardous to your health. Depending on local laws and resources, asbestos-impregnated flooring must be removed by a licensed asbestos contractor, found in the local telephone book under Asbestos headings.

Pro Tip

Get the camera out and take photos of rooms that will be refloored. Not only will it help you visualize your projects, it also will help flooring suppliers make suggestions from the photos.

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