floors, flooringBesides carpet cutting tools you’ll need a seamer and a stretcher. Both can be rented or borrowed through your carpet store, building material retailer, or a tool rental center. A seamer simply melts the adhesive (like hot glue) on a roll of paper that straddles the underside of carpet seams. If done following manufacturer’s directions, any do-it-yourselfer can seam a carpet. Stretchers stretch the carpet fabric for a tight fit. Newer stretchers don’t require long stretch bars. A short knee-kicker tool also is used for stretching carpet fabric. You’ll use a hammer to install tack strips around the perimeter of the floor to which the carpet edge is attached before being trimmed. 

Smart Flooring

Which pad should you install under your new carpet? Most homes have a polyurethane foam; it’s a bonded urethane foam, identified by the speckles of various colors in it and suitable for low traffic areas. They are graded by density, the more dense the better. Rubber pads come in a variety of types, primarily designed for higher traffic areas. They are graded by weight, the heavier the better.

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