Renting Flooring Tools

floors, flooringYou don’t have to buy everything. You can save money by renting tools and equipment that you may only use on your flooring project. For example, a manual hardwood floor nailer that sells new for about $250.00 can be rented for about $15-25 a day. 

Even better, some flooring stores and building material retailers that cater to do-it-yourselfers will loan (or rent at low cost) specialized tools you may need. Talk with the department or store manager to find out what’s available.

Safety First

Safety is important. You knew that. You also know that safety is in the mind. Don’t work around equipment and expensive materials when you’re tired. Keep your hands and clothing clear of moving saw blades. Take your time and think through each task. Make sure you wear safety glasses when working around saws and other tools that send things flying. Use the correct tool for the job. Plan twice, install once.

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